Cloud Services

Cloud technologies deliver measurable benefits to businesses by providing greater scalability and more flexible ways of managing data, communications, and applications. While many business owners acknowledge the need to embrace 'the cloud' it can be challenging to know which style of cloud computing will be the right fit.
At Secure Access we help businesses navigate through each stage of their cloud journey, making it easy to take advantage of cloud technologies. We help you answer the important questions like 'will my business save time and money?', 'which cloud technologies should I use?', 'where is my information stored and is it secure?'.
We can design and implement the perfect cloud solution to suit your business needs. We offer a large suite of cloud services including our own SecureShare file sharing, SecureSafe backup and disaster recovery, SecureTel cloud telephone systems, SecureIAAS Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Co-location, Microsoft 365, Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more.
Once you're in the cloud we also offer ongoing support, 24/7 monitoring, and strategic planning to ensure you get the most out of your cloud systems. You can trust Secure Access to move your business to the cloud, and into the future!

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based suite of cloud applications providing email, productivity software, collaboration tools, and file sync and share. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Secure Access can expertly supply and support the full Microsoft 365 product suite.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a subscription-based cloud platform offering over 200 cloud products and services including Virtual Servers and Desktops, Cloud Backup, Database Management & Warehousing, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Cloud Networking, and Application Integration.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Secure Access can confidently recommend and supply the best Azure solution for your business with ongoing support and strategic review.
SecureShare Cloud File Sharing

Consumer grade cloud file sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are great, but did you know they omit essential business grade features? SecureShare is a true enterprise file share solution offering all the functionality of other services but with added security features and benefits including:

  • Guaranteed data sovereignty with your data kept on Australian shores.
  • Full audit trail to track changes to files and data.
  • Remote wipe functionality to protect your business data if a device is stolen.
  • Unlimited file versions and generous data allowances.
  • Enhanced security and data control.
  • SecureShare Portal with your custom business branding.
  • Monthly user based subscription plans allow for flexible scaling of services.
Secure Journaling
How does your business manage and preserve information stored in your email system?

SecureJournal is a true litigation hold solution that journals all email communications and preserves them in their original format. Such services can prove invaluable for litigation purposes where your business may be called upon to provide preserved data.

SecureJournal makes it simple for your business to comply with electronically stored information (ESI) requirements, with data stored safely in our Australian data centre.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Investing in a solid data backup solution will ensure your business can quickly recover from the loss of data. We offer industry leading cloud, on-premise, and hybrid backup solutions that ensure your data is protected against accidental deletion, database corruption, or encryption.

In addition to protecting data, it is critical to have a disaster recovery solution to safeguard your business continuity if your access to critical IT systems is lost. A disaster recovery plan establishes processes for quickly restoring access to applications and data after an outage. At Secure Access we offer a range of disaster recovery solutions including fully redundant servers and storage systems.
Datacentre Co-Location
Datacentre co-location offers the benefits of moving your on-premise servers offsite while maintaining full control of your IT infrastructure. We offer co-location services in our enterprise class datacentres located wholly within Australia. 

With a high focus on security and sustainability, our datacentre facilities utilise the latest innovations and design to keep your infrastructure and data safe, while reducing your environmental footprint.
Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers your business all the benefits of having a dedicated on-premise server without the expense of buying and maintaining hardware. We offer a range of cloud based IaaS solutions with scalable compute and storage to meet the changing demands of your business.
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