We are always talking about technology transforming at a fast pace that is hard to keep up with but what businesses needs to know and understand is what new technology can transform their business in a positive and productive way forward.

In the last year I have seen AI (Artificial Intelligence) come into it own in the business space such as “Siri, lock the door. “Cortana, whats my schedule for tomorrow?” These virtual assistants are the norm, now. 

There is a big focus on analytics of data and is driving changes in many areas of focus such as manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities and much more. You need to ask yourself how the data your business collates can benefit your company.

The adoption of the latest hardware and software can transform your business in leaps and bounds but the technology must be taken on by your employees or your company will find it challenging to bring your staff onboard with the new technology.

Staying connected with your IT business partner will keep your business moving forward with the latest technology by implementing new systems gradually so the new technology will engage and excite your employees rather than cause change fatigue.

Technology will always be transforming it’s how the company and staff culture will lead its development into the business which will determine its success and benefits to the business.

As an IT consultant on a daily basis I see business being attacked by Viruses, Spyware and held ransom for their data in extreme events. How do you as a business protect yourself from the online threats which seem to be looking over our shoulder all the time.

Years ago, the typical hacking scenario involved a lone attacker maybe some buddies that created code and targeted specific sites but now days its evolved to bidding markets for maleware, crime syndicates, botnets for hire and cyber warfare.

People not computers create computer threats and they probe the internet looking for the security vulnerabilities and they also rely on humans to allow their exploits into the system either unintentionally or unknowingly.

So how, do you say that we are to protect ourselves from the online attacks and threats?

There is some simple measure you can put in placed to help prevent cyberattackers visiting your business.

First – Put the right technologies in place such as a firewall to protect your network from the outside web, implement a strong password policy in your network, use cyber protection software that hunts for viruses and malware and update your computers with the latest security patches on a weekly basis.

Second- Train your staff on best practices when dealing with secure passwords, opening email attachment from random people and recognising unsecure website sites asking for personal data.

Third – Most importantly make sure your business has a backup plan in place for your company’s data. Is it being backup up daily and being stored offsite? In cases becoming more common they are holding your company’s data and asking for money in return for the data. If you have a backup in place you can restore to before the attack and not pay a cent.

By implementing a proactive approach to your security, educating your users, and taking advantage of the latest virus software, you’ll be better able to prevent, detect, and strengthen your business against attacks and not being the next victim.

When I talk about your business being completely online I am referring to having your company being completely reliant on the internet for your accounting system, access to all your company files, pos systems, eftpos and telephone system any other cloud base programs that your company is dependent on to operate.

There are many reasons why companies are now all online and there are risks that come with being completely cloud based.

When the NBN came into play it meant that the old copper network was being removed which than lead companies into having their phone systems, alarms and eftpos systems to cloud base technology.

Than as software and database programs started to evolve into cloud base applications and online file sharing the need for an on-premise server was soon phasing out which meant that the companies were completely online.

The risk to being completely online is if your internet provider was to go down your business would grind to a halt as all access to your information would stop which meant downtime for the whole company.

How can you mitigate this risk is not complicated and can be very simple to implement and can save you downtime while the main internet provider comes back online.

We suggest two options mainly and they are affordable when you evaluate the risk.

• Install a modem router with a 4G backup plan so if the main internet line goes down the 4G will run most of the company’s resources except online phone systems but you can easily divert your cloud base phone system to a mobile number until the internet is back online.

• Install a firewall with an additional NBN internet provider such as if you are with Telstra as your main internet company you would than add another NBN plan with another provider so when the main internet goes down it will switch over to the other provider.

It means that you have redundancy with your internet which can be the 4G option or an additional NBN plan with another provider to than lower the risk of complete outage of your company.

Another benefit of having two NBN connections and a firewall is that you can divide your internet traffic between both internet connections and one can handle you phone system and the other all internet traffic to your online applications.

Eventually, the time will come in your business where you will be reliant on the internet to handle most of your company’s day-to-day activities, so why wait, start planning now and avoid the potential risk which can easily be implemented by your trusted IT advisor.

I know myself the first action I do when I go into work in the morning is to open my emails and have a coffee and quickly trawl through the list to see if there are any items that I need to action straight away but unfortunately, I get caught up with reading and filing all my current emails.

I know what you are thinking –zero unread messages give you that temporary satisfactionthat you are update. The fact is you are fighting an uphill battle as your inbox starts to refill immediately.

Let’s face it we all fall into the trap of scanning our emails consistently during the day but let’s work on some small steps to how we can improve our productivity in the office.

Step One – When you first arrive in at the office, work on your most meaningful tasks for the day and allocate at least the first 1-2 hours.

Step Two- Turn off all email notification from your outlook or other mail systems and that also includes your phone and tablet as we don’t want any distracting noises.

Step Three – Allocate two-time slots of 1 hour each in your calendar for the day to open and answer your emails.

Just remember that you’re in control of your daily schedule and beating the temptation of opening email constantly will only bring about more productivity into your day.

Good Luck😊

With the recent events on the global health scene, organizations around the world are turning to technology to enable their employees to work remotely. Covid-19 (or commonly known as Novel Coronavirus) has placed a renewed focus on working from home. Microsoft recently announced a free 6-month trial of their E1 Office 365 subscription which includes a more advanced version of Microsoft Teams than what you have in the free version.

With tools such as Microsoft Teams, businesses can continue to hold meetings, conduct events and communicate with one another – online. People can quickly gather information and conduct surveys using Forms, employees can access their information from anywhere using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. In short, all the power of Office 365 which enables you to access your information from anywhere and collaborate with anyone, becomes a necessity.

To assist in an uninterrupted modern workplace Contact us at Secure Access

Jason Garland and the team at Secure Access IT have been serving the technology needs of the Sunshine Coast for 20 years. When Jason founded the company in 1999, he sought to provide effective and unique technology solutions; 20 years later, this is still the clear objective for the team at Secure Access IT.

With technological capabilities continuing to develop, and arguably the need for these technologies with it, Secure Access IT looks to understand clients’ business objectives to provide tailor-made solutions. These solutions fit the unique requirements of each business without unnecessary or premature implementation. They analyse current business practices to formulate a strategy which either improves operational efficiency to facilitate growth or provides a customer- engagement platform to drive revenue. Secure Access IT serve their clientele by engaging with each business as a unique enterprise with individual requirements.

The team at Secure Access IT is one of the key factors to the business’ success. Jason is the business founder and Chief of Technology. His passion for technology in business drives him to provide the best technical services to the Sunshine Coast. Jonathan and Magnus are the two Business Account Managers. Their backgrounds in technology enable them to deliver relevant and strategically aligned technology solutions. This passion also leads them to attend many networking events and support local charities. Then, there is the team of dedicated and talented technicians. As the core of the business, they work to continually improve, research and develop to ensure they provide the best support at the highest quality. With this team, Secure Access IT is able to serve their customers with a host of services and products.

These include cloud technologies - such as file sharing, data recovery, web services, phone systems, infrastructure, as well as CloudReady Express assessments to analyse the appropriateness of cloud technologies for their clients’ businesses.

They provide technology assessments to determine the effectiveness of current technology practices and then give advice. By taking the time to understand unique business objectives, Secure Access IT can suggest innovative strategies to ensure all technology helps their clients to achieve success.

Then, there are their managed services which provide customers with peace of mind knowing they have assistance 24×7×365 through the help desk. The team uses advanced processes to monitor client systems, allowing them to provide insightful support. Clients have confidence in their technology investments, knowing they have reliable and effective assistance if needed.

TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES: The talented technician team can service hardware, software, infrastructure, connectivity issues and network designs. With the multi-skilled team, all problems can be addressed quickly and effectively. If clients have existing technologies supplied by a third party, Secure Access IT can work with clients and suppliers. This may mean developing documentation, improving current work practices, contract negotiations, keeping suppliers accountable and ensuring the effectiveness of design deliverables.

SECURITY SERVICES: Ensuring any technology, proposed or in-use, is secure and recoverable. By performing security assessments, Secure Access IT can determine their clients’ vulnerability to technology breaches and implement strong defences. Furthermore, they can assist in developing data backup infrastructure and practices and perform disaster recovery if crashes do occur.

Although offering a range of services, the most common issue that clients have is the ineffectiveness of current technology practices. Often complicating technology may seem the best way to take your business to the next level. However, without thorough analysis and planning, this may lead to workplace confusion and wasted finances. Secure Access IT works with businesses to create solutions which increase the effectiveness of existing technologies while suggesting product replacement where necessary. They also provide business reviews to keep their clients up-to-date with exciting advancements, possible challenges and their potential future market position.

The team at the Maroochydore office has worked with many businesses from the Wide Bay region to the Brisbane CBD. They also service clients nationally and internationally, in a range of industries including entertainment venues, theme parks, medical practices, construction and educational institutions, and professional services. This service has brought national attention and Secure Access IT has twice been awarded a CRN Fast 50 for its rapid and continued growth in the technology industry.

With its hand-picked team, Secure Access IT provides reliable and effective technology solutions. The team takes the time to understand client needs, whether this is a complete technology overhaul or no

change at all. Their attitude to business means their solutions help client businesses thrive through technological advancement
and support.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Secure Access IT is enjoying its success whilst looking forward to serving its community for years to come.

Fantastic Turn-Out to the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce 's Steve Baxter Better Business Breakfast event in Caloundra on Friday.

Steve Baxter is the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Favourite who joined a panel to discuss current issues including the future of business and encouraging the youth to give it a go.

As a proud Major Sponsor along with Storagecraft a massive 450 attendees with a long wait list.
It's great to hear from Steve and his take on how changes to bandwidth will inspire business innovation and growth.

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Happy SysAdminDay 2018.

Wait… what exactly is SysAdmin Day? Oh, it’s only the single greatest 24 hours on the planet… and pretty much the most important holiday of the year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the heroic men and women who, come rain or shine, prevent disasters, keep IT secure and put out tech fires left and right.

SysAdmin Day 2018 Video

Make sure there is an extra coffee for your Internal IT Champion today.

Presenting Today at Caloundra Chamber of CommerceJonathan Allen from our Maroochydore office took members through the benefits of single click customer feedback tools over traditional surveys, what is a Net Promoter Score and how to leverage it to benchmark your business customer experience against your peers.

This workshop was FREE and exclusive to Caloundra Chamber of Commerce members. If you're not a member of the Caloundra Chamber, this is one of your many benefits.

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The Secure Access Team is onsite at the Twin Waters Golf Club today for the 1st Annual Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce golf day supporting Volunteering Sunshine Coast. More teams are playing through, but as of yet, no one has walked away with our hole in one prize of $ 20,000 worth of IT Hardware or Services from Secure Access.

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