Are your emails constantly distracting you at work?

I know myself the first action I do when I go into work in the morning is to open my emails and have a coffee and quickly trawl through the list to see if there are any items that I need to action straight away but unfortunately, I get caught up with reading and filing all my current emails.

I know what you are thinking –zero unread messages give you that temporary satisfactionthat you are update. The fact is you are fighting an uphill battle as your inbox starts to refill immediately.

Let’s face it we all fall into the trap of scanning our emails consistently during the day but let’s work on some small steps to how we can improve our productivity in the office.

Step One – When you first arrive in at the office, work on your most meaningful tasks for the day and allocate at least the first 1-2 hours.

Step Two- Turn off all email notification from your outlook or other mail systems and that also includes your phone and tablet as we don’t want any distracting noises.

Step Three – Allocate two-time slots of 1 hour each in your calendar for the day to open and answer your emails.

Just remember that you’re in control of your daily schedule and beating the temptation of opening email constantly will only bring about more productivity into your day.

Good Luck😊

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