Are you Afraid of being Hacked?

As an IT consultant on a daily basis I see business being attacked by Viruses, Spyware and held ransom for their data in extreme events. How do you as a business protect yourself from the online threats which seem to be looking over our shoulder all the time.

Years ago, the typical hacking scenario involved a lone attacker maybe some buddies that created code and targeted specific sites but now days its evolved to bidding markets for maleware, crime syndicates, botnets for hire and cyber warfare.

People not computers create computer threats and they probe the internet looking for the security vulnerabilities and they also rely on humans to allow their exploits into the system either unintentionally or unknowingly.

So how, do you say that we are to protect ourselves from the online attacks and threats?

There is some simple measure you can put in placed to help prevent cyberattackers visiting your business.

First – Put the right technologies in place such as a firewall to protect your network from the outside web, implement a strong password policy in your network, use cyber protection software that hunts for viruses and malware and update your computers with the latest security patches on a weekly basis.

Second- Train your staff on best practices when dealing with secure passwords, opening email attachment from random people and recognising unsecure website sites asking for personal data.

Third – Most importantly make sure your business has a backup plan in place for your company’s data. Is it being backup up daily and being stored offsite? In cases becoming more common they are holding your company’s data and asking for money in return for the data. If you have a backup in place you can restore to before the attack and not pay a cent.

By implementing a proactive approach to your security, educating your users, and taking advantage of the latest virus software, you’ll be better able to prevent, detect, and strengthen your business against attacks and not being the next victim.

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